The ultimate

Time, Action, Audience, and Presentation controls

to conduct

Online Quiz, Exams, Tests and Assessments

What is Form Presenter ?

  • “Form Presenter” is an add-on application for Google Workspace Marketplace that present a Google Form with various configurations for Conducting online Exams for the students simple and fast.

  • Form Presenter enables you to apply time, action, audience and presentation controls on Forms.

  • Conduct online Assessments & Exams with Time, Action and Presentation Controls to your Google Forms using Form Presenter

This is a product of Jivrus Technologies.

Control the timer and when to open and close the form

Track the Test-Taker activities

Control audience to access the form

Make your own custom theme to present your form

Invite your audience via emails

view your published Forms and Audience activities

How it works?

Install Form Presenter from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Install Now

Configure start end time and timer settings

Setup your own theme to present your form

Share the link generated via e-mail. Or, share by copy the url.

Audience can attend the test/ access form on time

Get detailed reports of how the audience took the test

Who needs Form Presenter ?

  • Form Presenter makes things easier and quicker for conducting online Quiz, Exams, Tests and Assessments.

  • If you need are conducting a online exam and need to track the exam attender activities over online? Your are not alone; we have been there and we have got you covered.

  • If you are a business person and need to hire persons through online/ test your employees skill level. Then here is a life saver for you.

  • You can set available date and times to your Google Form.

  • Any one who needs to conduct assessment, exam, quiz, getting feedback etc.. can use Form Presenter.

Look what users of Form Presenter say

"As a teacher i am very much pleased to use form presenter as i can create online assessment using google forms and share it to my students with time limit and the main advantage is i can set time intervals so my students can take break whenever required. "

~A User of Form Presenter

"This is awesome. We are using it. Keep up the good work. Will buy your product once you start charging it. "

~A User of Form Presenter