Audience Dashboard

You can track live Audience profiles in Audience Dashboard

You can refresh the profiles by clicking on the refresh button.

  • You can track Audience Status, Signed in time, Started time, Submitted Time, and Number of breaks taken.

  • If you enabled photo capture on setup, then the captured photo also will be displayed in the audience list.

Open from Add-on

Click on the "View Audience dashboard" to view your audience profile.

Audience Profile

Img: The audience Google profile image (Appears if login enforced).

User: Audience name and email(if login is not enforced it will come as anonymous).

Photo: The captured image before starting the form if option enabled.

Visited at: The audience visited or signed in time.

Started: The audience started time of Form.

Breaks: Number of breaks taken by audience.

Finished: Form submitted time.

Elapsed: Total time taken by audience.


INVITED: The audience is invited by the publisher but has not yet visited the Form.

VISITED: The audience has visited or signed in but has not yet started the Form.

STARTED: The audience started the Form.

SUBMITTED: The audience has submitted the form successfully.

TIMED-OUT: The timer has ended before the audience could submit.

Track Audience Activities

  • Can see the tab changes app switching within and out time.

  • Can see Full-screen exit within and out time.

Track Device Details

  • Can track OS, device, browser, IP, etc.

  • Click on the device icon to see device details.

Mobile view

Allow Reattempt of Test

This will allow the audience to reattempt the exam if they fail to finish the exam/ assessment due to technical issues or any other internet issues.

  • The user needs to archive the previous record of the audience and then ask the audience to resubmit the exam/ assessment.

How to achieve this?

  • Navigate to Audience Dashboard.

  • Select the audience profile for which reattempt needs to b e done.

  • Click on the archive icon to archive the old data.

  • Now the audience can again submit the assessment with the same old invite link itself.

Note: If the audience hasn't started the assessment then the archive file will not be created & the audience can directly submit the exam/ assessment.