Audience Dashboard

You can track live Audience profiles in Audience Dashboard

You can refresh the profiles by clicking on the refresh button.

  • You can track Audience Status, Signed in time, Started time, Submitted Time, and Number of breaks taken.

  • If you enabled photo capture on setup, then the captured photo also will be displayed in the audience list.

Open from Add-on

Click on the people icon "Open Audience profile" button to view your audience profile.

Audience Profile

Img: The audience Google profile image (Appears if login enforced).

User: Audience name and email(if login is not enforced it will come as anonymous).

Photo: The captured image before starting the form if option enabled.

Visited at: The audience visited or signed in time.

Started: The audience started time of Form.

Breaks: Number of breaks taken by audience.

Finished: Form submitted time.

Elapsed: Total time taken by audience.


INVITED: The audience is invited by the publisher but has not yet visited the Form.

VISITED: The audience has visited or signed in but has not yet started the Form.

STARTED: The audience started the Form.

SUBMITTED: The audience has submitted the form successfully.

TIMED-OUT: The timer has ended before the audience could submit.

Track Audience Activities

  • Can see the tab changes app switching within and out time.

  • Can see Full-screen exit within and out time.

Track Device Details

  • Can track OS, device, browser, IP, etc.

  • Click on the device icon to see device details.

Mobile view