Frequently asked Questions

General FAQ's

Can I use Form Presenter if I have a Gmail account?

Yes, you can use from Gmail account or G Suite accounts.

presenter.jivrus.com is a web service to present the forms with time, audience, action and presentation controls. It also allows publishers to view all their previously published forms.

Do published forms ever expire or become inaccessible?

Yes, if you have set a specific time window for keeping the form available. After the window, the forms will show a message that it is closed. You can reconfigure to extend/ change the window time and republish it.

If you choose the form to be available always, the form will be available always.

Read more at the Time Controls feature.

May I know where all the submitted data is stored?

Google Forms store the responses within Google Forms and in destination spreadsheets if you have configured to store it. Form Presenter stores only the configuration and analytics information in Form Presenter server. All the transaction (form responses) are stored within GSuite/ Google Drive.

Why Form Presenter does not allow upload files via the Google form?

Form Presenter uses an iframe to embed & present the Google Form. The file upload has a sign-in requirement and the authentication redirect cannot happen inside an iframe for security reasons. Hence Google is not allowing file upload inside Form Presenter.

So Form Presenter can't support file uploading currently.

How do I resolve the error "Error while publishing the form. The value of property 'description' is longer than 1500 bytes"?.

There is a restriction on the length of the paragraph you write under the "Description" area of your Google Form. It is fixed up to 1500 characters/letters. If you write a paragraph with more than 1500 characters/bytes/letters, then "Form Presenter" will raise an error mentioning that "Error while publishing the form. The value of property 'description' is longer than 1500 bytes".

To resolve this type of error, you need to ensure that the "Description" of your Google Form is 1500 letters or less. Once you have updated this in the Google Form, you can try again with Form Presenter.

Quota and License

What is meant by quota in Form presenter?

Quota refers to the maximum number of tests (successful start of tests) allowed for a particular pricing plan through Form Presenter.

How quota is calculated in Form presenter?

Quota is based on number of tests started by using Form Presenter. The tests are calculated by counting starting of tests (click of start button) through Form Presenter.

Learn more at Pricing

How do I check my current usage?
How do I check my remaining quota

You can check your current usage and remaining quota under Account section in Form Presenter

  • Open Form Presenter

  • Click on menu ☰ (top left corner)

  • Click on Account menu

  • You will see your account details like plan, validity

  • You will also see the usage/quota/balance

Menu > Account ==> You will see the account screen

How Monthly Plan usage calculation will work?

  • On the subscription you will get balance based on your plan. For example Business Plan will get 10000 Balance tests with one month validity

  • For every time your form audience starts the test (Clicks on start button) your account balance decreases by 1.

  • If you need to buy more balance package in a single month you can purchase another plan that will give you a separate balance pack.

  • If you have purchased two plans in two different days your balance will reduced from your 1st purchased balance (until it's expiry)

Example: In the picture usage you have two active balances (Sep 30 to Oct 30) and (Oct 2 to Nov 2) both are valid.

In this case Form Presenter will pick the test for Sep 30 to Oct 30 package. If you didn't use the balance up to Oct 30 that balance will be expired. Form Presenter will reduce the balance tests from new pack.

How Yearly Plan usage calculation will work?

  • On subscription your account will upgraded to you purchased plan.

  • There will be a usage limit for various plans. For example Business plan has 10000 tests

  • For every time your form audience starts the test (Click on start button) your usage increases by 1 (remaining tests reduces by 1)

  • The quota resets and usage becomes 0 on the 1st day of every month (only for yearly plans)

I see the quota is for a month. When does my quota reset?

Applicable For Yearly plan only

The quota resets 1st of every month (applicable only for paid plans) irrespective of the subscription/ renewal cycle of individual user. If you want more quota within the calendar month, you need to upgrade to a higher plan.

For monthly plans, there is no quota reset on 1st of every month.

I have used the quota of my current plan but need to do more tests. What to do?

For Monthly plan

There are two options:

  1. Upgrade the plan

For PayPal Users:

  • You can cancel the current subscription and purchase another monthly plan subscription that fits your usage. The balance will get credited to your account.

For Stripe Users.

  • You can simply upgrade your subscription to another higher monthly plan by selecting the plan on the pricing page. The balance will get credited to your account.

Example: If you are in Pro currently and you need more tests, you are buying Business plan you will get 10000 balance in your account immediately.

  1. Top up the balance.

For Stripe users:

  • You can purchase the same plan as a one-time payment which will not affect your subscriptions. On successful payment, you will get the additional quota balances with one-month validity.

Note: Top-up option is only for the Stripe payment method. PayPal users can cancel the subscription from PayPal and purchase a subscription by Stripe if a top-up is required.

Example: If you are in Pro currently and you need more tests, you are buying the same Pro plan you will get an additional 5000 balance in your account immediately.

For Yearly plan

You can do one of the following

  • Choose a higher plan than your current plan at Pricing and upgrade your plan following the Upgrade Procedure. When you upgrade your quota will be increased as per the new plan. Note that your usage will not be reset immediately. It will be reset only on 1st of every month.
    You have currently taken yearly Pro plan (2000 tests quota) on 10th and have used all 2000 tests by 25th. If you upgrade to yearly Premium plan (5000 tests quota), you will get 5000 tests as quota for the month, but your existing usage of 2000 tests will not be reset immediately. So you will see only 3000 tests remaining for that month. However on the 1st of coming month, you will see usage getting reset and remaining tests will be 5000. This quota reset happens every calendar month on the 1st day (as long as your subscription is active)

    This practice is place so that users take appropriate plans as their subscription that gets automatically renewed (via PayPal) without worrying about manual renewals.


  • If you do not want to upgrade, wait for the 1st of coming month to get your quota refreshed (usage reset)

Does my plan get renewed automatically?

  • If you have taken the plan via PayPal, it gets renewed automatically until cancellation.

  • If you have taken the plan through manual request, it does not get renewed automatically. You need to renew it manually again or can pay via PayPal to get renewed automatically.


May I know why I'm getting "Invalid Submission Tracking ID Error Details: The field 'Submission Tracking ID - DO NOT CHANGE' in the Google Form is removed or changed by the form audience" email?

Form Presenter uses 'Submission Tracking ID - DO NOT CHANGE' field in the Google Form to track the audience submission details. Form Presenter will apply a unique ID to this field to track the submission. Any change in this will make your submission void.

When you face this issue, do the following to resolve it:

Form Publisher (Author of the form) should check follows:

  • Ensure that Submission Tracking ID - DO NOT CHANGE field exists in the Google Form. There should be any change in the spelling

  • Submission Tracking ID - DO NOT CHANGE field's type short answer and marked as required.

  • Republish the Form.

Instructions for Audience (Form submitter) side:

  • Submission Tracking ID - DO NOT CHANGE field will come with auto populated tracking id value.

  • Audience should NEVER change the Submission Tracking ID.

I am seeing "Cookies are not enabled in your browser. Please allow cookies and login again". How do I enable cookies?

It may be that your browser is blocking third party cookies. To sign in using your Google Account on a browser (like Chrome or Safari), you need to turn on cookies if you haven't already turned it on. From Presenter requires Google Sign in if it is enforced in audience control and hence you need to enable cookies in your browser.

Follow the instructions to turn cookies on.

Why am I seeing a blank page when I browse the test?

Why audience dashboard is not loading? It just show blank page.

This could be a cache issue.
Please do a hard-refresh of your browser by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R (windows) or Cmd + Shift + R (mac)
This shall clear your cache and load the app smoothly in your browser.

Can I setup timezone in Form Presenter?

Yes, You can setup timezone in Form presenter. Also Form Presenter will automatically identify your timezone or by clicking the "Guess My Timezone" icon.

Can I set a break time between assessment?

Yes, You can setup break timer between assessment.

Can I set a specific time window for my form to be accessible?

Yes, You can setup specific time window.

Can I set a timer per each question?

No, The timer is related to the whole form and cannot be enabled per sections or separate questions.

Can the Google Form be automatically submitted after user is timed-out?

No, This is not possible due to a) Google Form does not support this b) There could be mandatory questions that are not answered.

However, to ease this situation, Form Presenter is providing "Alert" feature that alerts form submitter before a predefined time. This can be configured in Form Presenter setup. Please see Time Controls for details.

Can I enforce my form user to sign in with Google to access my form?

Yes, You can enforce login by form users

Can I allow only particular domains or emails for attending the assessment?

Yes, You can restrict a particular domains or emails for attending the assessment.

Can I track Live audience profiles?

Yes, you can track audience profiles live. You can track how many breaks taken, when the form is submitted etc..

Is it possible to restrict the maximum number of attempts in Form submission?

Yes, this is possible. You can restrict the maximum number of Form submission.

Can I track if any of my student tries to switch tab while attending the assessment?

Yes, you can track tab changes with in and out timings. For this Enforce Login should be enabled during configuration.

Is it possible to track Full screen exit in and out timings of my students during assessment?

Yes this is possible. For this you need to enable Track Full Screen option during configuration.

I am getting an error "Your camera/Microphone is blocked". How do I correct and proceed?

How do I enable camera permission?

It could be that the camera/microphone permissions have been blocked on the browser. You need to enable it manually to open the camera or access the microphone in the browser.

To enable camera/microphone permissions on Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click More Settings.

  3. Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.

  4. Click Camera or Microphone.

    • Turn on or off Ask before accessing.

For more details check google documentation.