Demo 1: Quiz on GK


Consider a teacher needs to conduct a quiz for his/ her students to access their knowledge. The assessment time is 30 minutes and it contains 2 breaks.

How to automate the assessment

  1. Prepare the Quiz form

  2. Configure the setup

  3. Publish the form

  4. Invite students to attend the quiz

  5. Students submitting the quiz

Step 1: Prepare the Quiz form

  • The teacher first needs to create a quiz form.

  • The quiz may be of multiple-choice, checkbox, dropdown, etc.,

Step 2: Configure the setup

Configuring the setup includes

  • Time Control

  • Audience Control

  • Action Control

  • Media Control

Time Control:

  • The quiz timer should be 30 minutes.

  • It should contain 2 breaks.

  • An alert message should be shown 1 minute before the form closes.

Audience Control:

  • Any student from the class can attend the assessment.

Action Control:

  • Before starting the quiz the photo of the student should be recorded.

  • The quiz tab should be made fullscreen.

  • The fullscreen activity should be tracked.

  • The device in which the student attends the quiz should be tracked.

Media Control:

  • A screenshot of the screen should be taken every 10 mins.

  • The Microphone access should also be switched on and it should be tracked.

Step 3: Publish the form

  • Now the quiz form should be published.

Step 4: Invite students to attend the quiz

  • The students should be invited to attend the quiz.

  • The required student's email should be mentioned along with the invite link and the message.

Step 4: Students submitting the quiz

  • Now the students can attend the quiz with all the above mentioned settings.

Once the students submits the quiz, you can check all his details about the quiz in the Audience dashboard.