Time Controls

Time Controls

Time Controls key features:

  • Control when to open and close the form.

  • Set Timer - shows remaining time live and automatically shutdown form when it times out.

  • Pause Controls - can the user pause and how many times.

  • Track attempts, start, and submission times.

Control when to open and close the form

You can set start date time and end date time when your form can be accessed by using Form Presenter


Selecting "Always" makes the form available anytime to the audience. There is no restriction.

Specific time

Selecting "Specific time" restricts access to the form only during the specified start date and end date-time.

  • Select TimeZone - Form Presenter guesses this automatically, but the user can change it.

  • Set Start Date and Start Time

  • Set End Date and End Time

Strict Timer

Strict Timer will set the timer for start to end date-time.

If "Strict Timer" is enabled, the form submitter (audience) is expected to submit the form within the "Specific time" configured. If not, the form will auto close.

Also, the form will start at the start time of the form irrespective of form audience started the form or not.

  • Select 'Set Strict Timer'.

Note: Strict Timer cannot be set more than 24 hours

  • User can ready for the test before the Form open time and they can access the Form once it ready.

  • Here the Form started already.

  • User can access the Form between the start and end time with timer.

Set Timer

You can set form timer duration. And it shows the remaining time live and automatically shutdown form when it times out.

Pause Controls

You can set breaks for the user. The user can pause and resume the timer.

  • Switch on the set timer.

  • Enter the number of pauses/breaks you can provide.

Alert Time

You can set Alert Before time to your Form.

  • Check Alert before box.

  • Set alert before time.

  • Provide your warning message on the alert message field.

Allow delayed submission

This option will allow the audience to submit the form even after the scheduled timer is over.

The late submission details will be displayed at the top of the form.

Track attempts, start and submission times