How to setup Form Presenter

  • Open a new Google Form.

  • Click on "Add-ons" Menu >Form Presenter > Start Setup.

Presentation Controls key features:

  • Add custom thumbnail.

  • Add background image.

  • Change theme.

  • Custom title and welcome message.

Configure Time Controls:

  • Select the type of control.

  • Set timer.

  • Set start date-time.

  • Set end date time.

  • Set breaks.

Configure Audience Controls:

Audience Controls key features:

  • Enforce login - Can track who (email) opened the form.

  • Control who can use the form.

  • Restrict with domains, Emails.

Configure Action Controls:

Action Controls is a Pro+ Feature.

Action Controls key features:

  • Capture Photo

  • Enable Full Screen

  • Track Full screen

  • Track Focus

Publish Form:

Click on "Publish Form" to publish your form on the web.

You can view your published form by clicking this icon.

Copy the published URL to clipboard by.

Unpublish/delete the form by clicking this icon.

You can view your audience dashboard by clicking this icon.

Configure Invite Audience:

Invite Audience key features:

  • Invite the Audience via emails.

  • Track invitees while they attend the exam.