Audience Controls

Audience Controls

Audience Controls key features:

  • Enforce login - Can track who (email) opened the form

  • Control who can use the form

  • Restrict with domains, Emails.

  • Track attempts, start and submission times

Enforce Login

  • You can Enforce the Audience to Login before accessing the form.


  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.

Restrict Audience

You can restrict your by emails, domains

  • Any

  • Emails

  • Domains

Any - Allow any audience to access the form.

Emails - Allow only given emails to access the form

Domains - Allow only the emails includes the given domains to access form

Restrict Attempts

You can set attempts to user.

Maximum 10 attempts allow if to checked allow 'only'

Live track Audience profiles

You can track Audience profiles live

You can refresh the profiles by clicking on refresh button.

Click on people icon "Open Audience profile" button to view your audience profile