Action Controls

Action Controls

Action Controls key features:

  • Capture Photo

  • Enable Full Screen

  • Track Full screen

  • Track Focus

  • Track Device Info

Note: Action Control is a Pro + feature

Capture Photo

Capture Face photo before start the form

  • Check 'Capture Photo' to capture face picture on opening form

  • Checking 'Skip' will allow to continue form without taking photo

  • It will ask Confirmation to allow the camera

  • Click on allow

  • If audience deny it they cant access the form unless it is skipable

  • The browser will ask permission to access your camera

  • Allow the camera

Note: If you deny this permission you need to manually enable form browser/ mobile permission settings.

  • Click on Capture to click the photo

  • Can retake using retake option

  • Can switch camera if device has multiple cameras

  • Click on proceed to continue form

You can see the audience captured photo in Audience dashboard

Enable Full Screen

Full Screen we be enabled on the time off starting the form.

Track Full-screen

Tracks Full screen exit with in and out time

Note: Full screen should be enabled to track focus

Track Focus

Track focus will track the tab changes app switching with in and out time

Note: Enforce Login should be enabled to track focus

Click on info icon to view the tracked activities done by audience

Mobile view

Track Device Info

Track Device informations browser, os, screen etc. Enable Track Device info check box.

Click on device icon to view the tracked device information

Track attempts, start and submission times