How to conduct online tests with Google Forms?

What is Google Form?

Google Forms is a tool that allows collecting information from users through a personalized survey or exam. Google Forms is a free tool from Google that allows you to do the following:

  • Create forms, surveys, quizzes, and such.

  • Share the forms with others.

  • Allow others to complete the forms online.

  • Collect all the responses in a spreadsheet.

  • Provide you with helpful summaries of the collected data with charts and graphs.

How to conduct online assessment using Google Form?

Conducting online exam is very simple. You can follow the following steps an conduct an online assessment.

For creating assessment:

  • Open Google Forms.

  • Create the required sections such as name, email, etc.

  • Create the assessment with the questions needed.

If the assessment needs to be made as a quiz:

  • At the top right corner of the form, click Settings.

  • Click Quizzes and switch on Make this a quiz.

  • Mention the required questions and the corresponding answer key.

  • Optional: To collect email addresses, click General > Collect email addresses.

  • Click Save.

Once the form is created you can share the published form link so that audience can submit the form and their responses will be saved.

Pitfalls of Google Form with remote teaching

Some of the major pitfalls of remote teaching are

  • There is no count down timer or start/end time restriction on Google Forms

  • Answers on online assessments can only be right or wrong. There is no room for explaining your answer or getting partial credit.

  • Testing online is not suitable for essay writing and analysis or cognitive thinking testing.

  • There is no control once the Google Form link is shared. Anyone who has the link can view the form.

  • Malfunctions may happen as students might use the internet to surf for answers or even some third person may help to do the assessment.

  • There is no tracking of tab switches, making fullscreen, tracking fullscreen exits. Effectively conducting remote testing.

How to overcome Pitfalls?

The pitfalls can be rectified by adding features like setting up timer, screen tracking, device tracking, etc. Form Presenter comes up with all these features so that online exams can be conducted with ease.

Form Presenter helps to add time, action, audience, and presentation controls on Google Forms. And Form Presenter is one of the best solutions to conduct online tests using Google Forms

To conduct online tests with Google Forms, Get Form Presenter now and enjoy.

Form Presenter Features

The major features of Form Presenter are

  • Time Control: Controls Forms accessible times by timer, start date-time, etc.

  • Audience Control: Control who can log in and how many attempts

  • Action Control: Track the activities of users while accessing Form

  • Presentation Controls: Present your Form with your own themes

Learn more about the features of Form Presenter to effectively use it.

How to configure Form Presenter

  • Open a new Google Form

  • Click on "Add-ons" Menu >Form Presenter > Start Setup.

Start configuring Presentation Controls features:

  • Add custom thumbnail

  • Add background image

  • Change theme

  • Custom title and welcome message


This article speaks about how to conduct online assessment using Google Forms and how Form Presenter helps users in this process to conduct online assessment efficiently.