Media Controls

Media Controls

Media controls in Form Presenter allow users to record their audience screen during an assessment and save the entire screen video in the user's Google Drive. This will be very helpful for users to prevent their audience from doing malpractices during an assessment.

Note: Media controls are supported only on the Desktop. It is not supported on mobile or other handheld devices. Also, it is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser. Please advise your audience accordingly.

Media Controls key feature:

  • Capture video of screen

  • Click on Authorize Drive Access to authorize drive access for Form Presenter

  • Read the permissions and click Allow to grant access for Form Presenter to record the screen.

  • Click Cancel to cancel the permission access.

If permission is granted successfully the following screen appears.

  • Check on Capture video of Screen if the screen needs to be recorded.

  • Check on Skip if capturing video of the screen need not to be made mandatory.

Capture Video of Screen

  • Open the form.

  • Click on Start to start the assessment.

  • Once start is clicked a popup appears asking permission to capture your screen.

  • Click Cancel if the screen should not be recorded.

Note: If Capturing the screen is made mandatory and if the users clicks cancel the following popup appears and the users will not be able to start the assessment.

Sharing your Screen

The Media control in Form Presenter allows users to share the following screen types

  1. Your Entire Screen

  2. Application Window

  3. Chrome Tab

Your Entire Screen:

  • Once the user gives permission to capture the screen the following screen appears.

  • Select your entire screen and click share.

This will allow users to share their entire screen and will be recorded.

Application Window:

  • Select the application window that needs to be shared and click share.

This will record the application window video and save it in Google Drive.

Chrome Tab:

  • Select the Google Chrome tab that needs to be recorded and click share.

This will record the selected tab from Google Chrome and save it in Google Drive.

  • Once Share is clicked a popup appears showing that " is sharing your screen".

  • If stop sharing is clicked the following screen appears.

  • Click Share Screen to share the screen again.

  • Click Drop-Out to stop screen sharing.

  • Once Drop-Out is clicked the following screen appears.

"You are dropped out from the test. Better luck next time"

  • The following text will appear on the screen and the person attending the assessment will be booted out from assessment.

  • Once the assessment is submitted successfully the following screen appears and the screen sharing will be stopped automatically.

Saving the Captured Video

  • The captured video will be recorded in Google Drive.

  • A folder named Form Presenter-Media will be created in the User's Google Drive automatically.

  • Once the candidate submits a form a folder with the submission tracking id will be created and the video will be saved in it.

  • The folder location will be Form Presenter-Media >> Form Id >> Tracking Id >> Files.

How it looks in Audience Dashboard

  • All the data will be saved in Audience Dashboard.

  • Clicking on the Media icon will show the captured videos.

  • Click on the open icon to view the video.