Demo 2: Audience Control

This is the Quiz for General knowledge for Class X students.

Audience Controls:

  • Enforce login by audience

  • Allow only a particular domain to access the form.

  • Allow a maximum of 5 attempts by users.

  • Open Google Form.

  • Prepare the quiz template as required.

  • Open Form Presenter and configure it.

  • Mention the required Title.

  • Switch on or off the welcome message if required.

  • Switch on Show Instruction if required.

Audience Control

  • In audience control users can control who can login and how many attempts they can submit.

  • Switch on Enforce login by Audience.

  • Select Domain and mention the required domain, so that only the particular domain candidates can only attend the quiz (here we have selected the domain as "")

  • Mention the required attempts (here the maximum attempt is selected as "5") so that the form cannot be accessed after 5 attempts.

You can submit the form by using the above mentioned conditions.